Exhibitions Are Closer Now

Linkwhere is:

A platform contains everything you need to engage with events information, content and exhibitors.

Linkwhere is the closer experience of attending worldwide events, trade shows, trade fairs & exhibitions.
Regardless where you are or wherever your event is located.

Now It's Different

No more Flights schedule, accommodation plans, transportation headache and no more wasted time.

It's Your Call

Increase your global network, Promote your business, find new opportunities, new partners and new suppliers.

Wherever You Are

Wherever you are and wherever you need to be, browse your targeted events, book your seat and start your tour.



Traveling cost and its time consumption, make us think twice before traveling to attend the events we are looking for, which make you lose great opportunities to be aware of what is happening all over the globe.


You can easily attend the world-wide events from your office, home or even from your car. Pick your seat in the most important events happening all over the globe, increasing your global network, prompt your business, find new partners and finalize your deals.

Event Organizer

It is all for you, expose your Exhibition to a Limitless number of attendees, help your Exhibitors finding more opportunities for their business, getting fast ROI.
Now with Linkwhere services you have a new dimension for your exhibition, your attendees will not be limited to your venue they will attend your event regardless of where it will be.


As an Exhibitors in any Exhibition covered by Linkwhere, you will have the opportunity to expose your products or services to a limitless number of attendees not only the ones who pass by your stand but also with all other remote attendees, and not only that you will get all the attendees inquires, but also you can share all your marketing martial with a huge number of remote participants

Great App for Attending Worldwide Events.

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