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About Linkwhere

Why Using Linkwhere

  1. You will get the Maximum Exposure for your Events by Increasing the attendee’s numbers, not only the ones in the exhibition venue but you will get attendees from all over the world.
  2. Pushing your events Ads, as well as Sponsorship packages, to your attendees through Linkwhere Apps.
  3. The ability to use the Smart Ads-Screen Service of the Robots.
    Connecting the Ads to Linkwhere Smart-Ads Services, will control the flow of push-advertising to be directly connected to where the Robot locates in the venue, which will impact directly to who will get the Ads.
  4. With Linkwhere you will have On-field Interactive moving Robots led by your worldwide attendees and exhibitors.
  5. Linkwhere Robots give your attendees the power to move through the event venues, negotiate with the exhibitors and see what is happening on the ground with a full control; They will feel as if they are actually there.
  6. Enriching your events with more public figures (World Speakers, VIPs, Influencers and Potential Exhibitors) without extra charges or any waste of time, and without even leaving their offices.
  7. Linkwhere provide you with web and mobile application to track your event analysis and attendees instantly.
  8. Digitize all your visitors Registration data & Badge Printing; using Autonomous Registration Desk Service which makes the registration and the data entry task smoother, more effective and most importantly; without overlooking any data.

Linkwhere History

Linkwhere is a service company located in Spain, supporting the event industry to become more fixable and limitless. With Linkwhere apps all of the event organizer,attendees and the exhibitors will find a new dimension in their industry. Connecting all the key players of the event industry together with an innovative and creative solution is the main scope of Linkwhere. Providing new, smart & up-to-date technologies made Linkwhere the best partner for event agencies.

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